The Calvary Call 8-31-17

The Calvary Call

Clayton’s Corner

I hope you were able to be present for our Homecoming BBQ this year. We had a fantastic turnout, had more than enough food, and a lot of fun. One of the big hits of the evening was the bounce house. We were all delighted to watch the kids go through the inflatable obstacle course for most of the evening. I say “most of the evening” because we also enjoyed watching the ADULTS run through the inflatable obstacle course for a big chunk of the time. It was a wonderful evening, and we were blessed to be able to connect to several members of our community for the first time during the meal and afterwards.
Thank you to everyone who volunteered, and to everyone who brought food. You helped to make the event an unmitigated success!


Pastor Clayton



We will have new Sunday School classes starting this Sunday. The Uniform Series will be looking at the theme of covenant, primarily in the Old Testament, and discussing how it affects our lives today. Ben and Dan Henderson will be team teaching a class called For the Life of the World, which is a video curriculum produced by the Action Institute that examines the question: what is our salvation for? Join us for a fourteen week experience of discussion, prayer, and reckoning with how to live for the good of our communities.

Calling all Young Adults! Young adult fall kick-off night is Saturday, September 9th, 6pm, at the church. Dinner will be provided.

All committees and pastors are to submit their budget requests to the church office or the trustees by September 17th.  If you have any questions, please see one of the trustees.

Our volunteers are important to us! As we spent time together on Sunday morning, we’ve realized that a lot fewer of us are taking advantage of the coffee fellowship downstairs. As we appreciate our volunteer’s time, we’re going to take a break from having coffee and juice on Sunday morning.

Eureka Et Cetera Shop is receiving applications for a full time manager position, 5 days a week including most Saturdays. This position requires experience in an active retail business environment, computer and public relations skills and managing a large group of volunteers. Request for an application may be made at before the September 7th deadline. The position is available October 1st.

As the Lord leads you, please bring in Canned Soup for the month of September and we will deliver it to WHIP.

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