The Calvary Call 9-20-17

The Calvary Call

Clayton’s Corner  

Last week, Pastor Ben shared a bit with us about the process and purpose of writing and giving sermons. It was excellent. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, I would like to recommend it!
This morning I’d like to take a few moments to tell you a bit about our preaching plan for the next few months. I love to preach and to teach, and one of the difficult things for me about ministry is admitting two things: First, that I cannot do everything. And second, that it’s a really bad idea for me to try. I am thankful for our volunteers who teach Sunday school each week, and for our Christian Education committee who makes sure that we always have teachers for each quarter.
While I enjoy teaching, I know that it’s good for people to hear from other teachers as well. I have personally been blessed to sit in and listen to Paul Kregar, Dan Henderson, John Norlin, Randy Keller, and Pastor Ben as they teach adult classes (I know there are others who have taught, but these are the teachers whose classes I have been part of). Each teacher brings their own faith experience and their own unique perspective to the Scriptures, and the church benefits from the variety. Also, some will deeply connect with one teacher, while others learn best from a different one. And that’s okay! One of the ways Calvary has been blessed is through God bringing us really gifted teachers.
We benefit from different teachers, and I believe that the same is true for preachers. While preaching excites and energizes me, I know that what is best for all of us is for me to not be the only one in the pulpit on Sunday mornings. Given that we have been blessed to have Pastor Ben join us, and that he is a gifted preacher, I am excited that he will be preaching about once a month. I am particularly glad for this, because Lisa and I have both considered him among our favorite preachers to listen to for a number of years now.
On a side note, I’d like to give a brief confession. If you were here last Sunday you will remember that Pastor Ben had a brief scare with his notes. Most of you may have assumed that it would be very odd for a preacher to not carefully prepare them before preaching. Pastor Ben was extremely gracious in not sharing with everyone that he had asked me to print them for him, and that I didn’t consider that he and I prepare our notes very differently. So, if you were wondering what happened on Sunday, you need look no further than me! Who knew that preachers organize their notes so differently? Now I do! =)
Going back to the benefit of a variety of teachers. Pastor Ben and I agree that it will not only be beneficial to have he and I both in the pulpit, but we are hoping to have some other voices speaking to us as well. About once every other month we are going to be looking for someone who is not Pastor Ben or myself to give a sermon. The reason is not that we don’t want the work. I assure you, I would love to preach every week! But there is a freshness that comes with different voices proclaiming God’s word, and this will give us the opportunity to allow some of our members to try their gifts, to stretch and to grow.
Our first “guest preacher” will be John Norlin who will be preaching on October 1st. I hope you’ll share my excitement in hearing from John, and will endeavor to be encouraging of him as he prepares and gives his sermon. I expect that God will use this variety of preachers to bless us as we receive messages from different preachers all coming from the same Spirit.

Pastor Clayton



You are invited to join us for our mission meal on September 24th. It will be a pasta meal. As always, we ask that you bring a side dish or dessert to share. The funds will go to the Snackpak program to feed children over the weekend and summer.

Women In Mission meets Thursday, Sept. 28th from 9am- 2pm. We will have a potluck meal at 11:30am. Bring a dish to share, invite a friend, and join us for fellowship as we support missions.

As the Lord leads you, please bring in Canned Soup for the month of September and we will deliver it to WHIP.

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